Thursday, June 2, 2016

Old School Pregenerated Character Library

Get your tournament/convention pregenerated characters here!

All these downloadable characters are ready to print and hand out to players, with gear, spells, and other necessary details already set up.

Want your pregens added to the library? Make a note in the comments below. They must be free and ready to print & hand out. If you depend on a ref/player to transcribe them onto character sheets, I'm not gonna list yours here. This list is only for AD&D, OD&D, B/X D&D, their clones (OSRIC, S&W, LL, etc.), plus a few others that I like — Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea; Stormbringer 1st-3rd ed.; maybe Gamma World or Metamorphosis Alpha.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

15 characters, 9th-15th level (source Allan Grohe based on Giants & Drow-series pregens, with changes)
12 characters, 8th-14th level (source: Allan Grohe transcribed from Giants & Drow-series modules)
9 characters, 8th-14th level (source Rich Franks transcribed from Giants & Drow-series modules)
15 characters, 5th-11th level (source: Allan Grohe)
8 characters, 6th-10th level, uses Unearthed Arcana (source: T. Foster)
8 characters, 5th-9th level (source: transcribed from S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth)
8 characters, 6th-8th level, uses Unearthed Arcana + some house rules (source: Bedivere)
21 characters, 3rd-8th level (source: Motley Jerks)
10 characters, 4th-7th level (source: Joseph Browning)
10 characters, 4th-7th level (source: Joseph Browning)
9 characters, 3rd-6th level (source: transcribed from A1 & A2 Slave Lords modules)
8 characters, 3rd-5th level (source: Allan Grohe based on Seren Ironhand pregens, with changes)
8 characters, 3rd-4th level, some illegal class+race combos (source: Peter Darley)


16 characters, 2nd-3rd level (source: M. W. Poort & Dragonsfoot)
16 characters, 4th-7th level (source: M. W. Poort & Dragonsfoot)

Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea

9 characters, 5th level (source: Rich Franks)
5 characters, 6th level (source: Dungeon Musings)
8 characters, 6th-7th level (source: Rich Franks)
17 characters, 1st-2nd level (source: Handy Haversack)

Planet Eris House Rules (for OD&D)

(Get the Planet Eris House Rules here)
11 characters, 6th-7th level (source: Rich Franks)

Swords & Wizardry

10 characters, 7th level, over-inflated hp (source: Nathan Panke)
4 characters, 1st level, mediocre formatting (source: Hall of Bones module)

Basic/Expert Dungeons & Dragons

6 characters, 3rd level, for Moldvay/Cook (source: Rich Franks)
7 characters, 1st level, for Holmes (source: Zenopus Archives)

Labyrinth Lord

480 characters, 1st-6th level, mundane equipment not listed, 4-per-page (source: Björn Wärmedal)
9 characters, 1st-2nd level (source: Rich Franks)


  1. Hi Guy, I have some various ones I can send you, ones I have used at Cons and in other play. LL, LL + AEC, and an adventuring party for Conan (TSR 1985) if interested. Just let me know how to send thanks

  2. Hi Guy---

    I updated my 7th-9th level pregen group, adding two new PCs (total 15 now), and removing the draft/alt versions of the same PC that weren't supposed to be in the .zip file. Same file location.


  3. I have 10 of the pregens from Tomb of Horrors I'd like to submit. Let me know how to do that.

    1. Please do! I am going to run this next Friday!

  4. Kevin, I'll message you over at the forum.