Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Hidden Egg

Why are you reading this?


  1. I'm glad you continued reading. Here's an opportunity...

    My first has one of these, but it's broken into five parts. Put it back together if you can, and show how all the pieces fit together. To make it easier, one part is overt.

    If you're the first to answer properly below, I'll send you something like my first, from among a set of possibilities. I don't care where you live.

  2. Damn you Guy Fullerton!

    Pokeboy and I spent an hour trying to figure this out while we waited for Little Girl to finish her sabre training. Arg! There are give paintings in your first module and there are five quotes in your first blog post here. There are also five mentions of the word 'uniformity.'

    We shall not rest!