Sunday, December 16, 2012

Early D&D Play Reports

Using grodog's list of Greyhawk Sources, and then doing some google searches, one can find the text of play reports for early D&D...

Swords and Sorcery (pub 1974 May)
Source: "Swords and Sorcery - In Wargaming" from Wargamer's Digest (Volume 1, Number 7)
Note: PDF found via the internet archive cache of the Axe & Hammer blog. (See the Free Downloads section on the right-hand side of the page.)

The Giant's Bag (pub 1975 April)
Source: Great Plains Game Players Newsletter #7

The Magician's Ring (pub 1975 June)
Source: "Dungeons & Dragons - The Magician's Ring" from Wargamer's Digest (Volume 2, Number 8)

The Expedition Into the Black Reservoir (pub 1975 September)
Text Part 1:
Text Part 2:
Source: "The Expedition Into the Black Reservoir; a Dungeon Adventure at Greyhawk Castle" (El Conquistador, September 1975)


  1. Guy---

    Dig around in Grendelwulf's blog @ too (it looks like another blog @ Axe & Hammer is now closed).


  2. Thanks, Allan! I didn't find it on his current blog, but thankfully the Internet Archive still has a snapshot of the Axe & Hammer blog, which has a link to mediafire for a downloadable version of the Swords & Sorcery article. I'll revise this post in a bit with details.