Sunday, June 28, 2020

Undermountain Map Origins

As documented on the Ruins of Undermountain sales page, "TSR didn't actually use Ed Greenwood's original maps," at least not in their entirety. This post documents the sources for parts of the Undermountain maps. (Let me know any other sources you can find.)

B1 In Search of the Unknown

Possibly the most well known source is the Upper Level map from B1 In Search of the Unknown, whose features figure recognizably—if not identically—on the Undermountain Level 1 map:

B3 Palace of the Silver Princess

The majority of the First Level map from B3 Palace of the Silver Princess contributes its basic layout to the Undermountain Level 1 map, just below where the B1 map appears. The B3 map has been rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise:

B5 Horror on the Hill

... and B5's Dungeon Level 1 map appears just above the B1 map:

Dave Sutherland's Empire of the Petal Throne campaign

The Ruins of Undermountain sales page also mentions that some of its maps are Dave Sutherland's maps from an Empire of the Petal Throne campaign. Thanks to an eBay auction in 2018, those campaign maps came into public view (you can see them yourself) , and some compose most of the Undermountain Level 3 North map:

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